Scent is the invisible outer layer of our apparels. No fashion is complete without the final touch of fragrance. While our artisanal handcrafted fragrance line is often sufficient to fulfill the desire of most of the adventurous souls, there are also times that one dreams for his/her truly ultimate signature scent.

Working along with our perfumers, Eugene and Emrys, we will listen to your needs and wants, design and develop your dreams into your signature scent. Bespoke signature scent is always the ultimate unique solution for individuals or brands who wish to be different from others. The co-creation process, which may generally take up to a few months, is a creative process that involves commitment and strong desires.

Upon the completion of the process, you will receive your bespoke signature scent in the form of handcrafted fragrances. To embark on this exciting journey of bespoke scent creation, simply drop us a message here.


Scents readily affect our emotions, often more than what we see. As a result, scents become the most important tool to build a more powerful brand for a business. However, scents are too often neglected in terms of branding. At Auphorie, we combine our skills as interior and space designers with our unique sense in olfactive experience, to create the ultimate branding solutions for businesses that strive to transcend the norms and outrun their competitors by being unique and different from others.

While most of the retail businesses focus on visual merchandising as the sole tool of branding, we, on the other hand, put scents on the main stage to create our proprietary multisensory merchandising that splice multiple senses together (visual, sound, olfactory, tactile, taste). With our expertise in interior and space design, music, traditional art, flavors and scents creation, branding and merchandising could mean something very different to us.

Let us embrace the age of multisensory branding and merchandising. Let us explore together and showcase the true power of scents and multisensory merchandising that will make your business stand out from the crowd. Just share your dreams and projects with us here to initiate the change of fate for your business.

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